With over 20 years experience in event planning, marketing and communications. Tammy has built a reputation for excellent project management skills and a strict attention to detail. In addition to playing a key role in the planning and management of client projects, she plays an integral role in the financial management of major projects such as the Edmonton & Area Corporate Challenge. Tammyís skill set includes a strong marketing and financial management background.



Liane knew very early on what her career should be. It was her 4th birthday party and she insisted to her mother that the balloons had to match the napkins and that plastic forks would never do! From there the events got bigger and more elaborate, but Lianeís attention to detail never wavered. Liane offers over 20 years of strong project management and communication skills which have enabled her to help clients as diverse as the Autism Society of Edmonton and the World Firefighterís Games.


The TNT team has developed strategic partnerships with a myriad of industry experts that allow us to bring to the table an unparalleled depth of experience. We share office space with cutting-edge graphic designers, web developers, media buyers, seasoned strategic planners and marketing experts, allowing us to offer you expert services that go beyond event planning.



She greets everyone but hasnít quite mastered signing the courier slips yet!